Are Boys Better Than Girls At The Driving Test?

Boys better than girls at the driving testResearch study carried out by an automobile Insurance company has responded to the age old question of which of the sexes is the best at learning how to drive car, with guys taking lead – over half (52 per cent) got their driver’s licence first attempt, compared with 42 per cent of women.  Knowing how to drive is an essential initiation rite for many young people nowadays, however regrettably, thanks to intensifying expenses of motoring due to insurance coverage and fuel, it is ending up being increasingly harder. In regards to how they get driving experience, boys are most likely than females to make use of family and friends for additional driving lessons, with 14 per cent of those evaluated stating they did this.

Of those people who flopped their driving test at the first try, said nerves were the main cause, along with 62 per cent stating it led them to making daft errors on the driving test. Ladies totted up more hours of driving lessons before taking their driving test with over one in three (37 per cent) of females taking in excess of 20 hours of driving lessons, as compared to one in five (20 per cent) of boys, with research exposing that it takes approximately 18 hours of driving lessons for them to pass the driving test.

“While females in some cases take longer to pass, and generally take more driving lessons, there is proof within the results that steady and regular lessons is the appropriate method when it concerns learning to drive. An unexpected 5 per cent of boys got a self-confidence boost due to their expertise at driving video games, something echoed by 4 per cent of both sexes, increasing 3 fold to 12 per cent for 18– 24 years of age. ‘Fortunately there is some light at the end of the tunnel and there are some simple steps that brand-new motorists can use to drive down the expenses, consisting of taking Pass Plus, selecting a smaller sized automobile and, the most basic and most cost efficient method, looking around for cheaper insurance on the internet.

Of the 18 to 24 years of age evaluated, over half (56 per cent) stated they felt they had actually done sufficient practice and prepared. They are likewise more likely than girls to start learning exclusively with their moms and dads, with 7 per cent opting to have their driving lessons by doing this. Driving is still thought about an initiation rite for 17 years of olds, with over a third (37 per cent) of motorists beginning their driving lessons as soon as they reach the official driving age.

7 per cent put their failure to the driving examiner taking disfavor to them, with guys more probable to use this reason; one in ten blamed this for their failure. Likewise, while a 17-year-old lady has a 55 per cent pass rate, by the age of 20 this goes up to 44 per cent and aged 50 the pass rate for females stands at around 33 per cent.